Friday, February 28, 2014

How to Make Money online

The internet is littered with articles on how to make money on the internet. This article will consider all the good things and will separate the good, the bad, and the scam. You CAN definitely make money online, not everything out there is a scam.

Writing articles where you are good at is the best and most successful way to earn money online. If you are a writer, computer programmer, pilot, accountant, web designer, or photographer, there are a lot of opportunities for you. If you have knowledge on couponing, finance, carpentry, raising kids, planning vacations or weddings, or home design etc you can get paid for your expertise and writing about it.

Freelance Work - you can find work at home jobs on this sites:,, craigslist, or Odesk.

Writing Web Content - You can write articles on eHow, A good article can give you $30 per year or more. Write 20 top-notch articles, and that's $600.

Write Product Review - check out it is owned by N.Y. Times, and they pay freelance writers a minimum of $350 per article for product reviews.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

List of Best Places to Live by CNN Money

Check out the Best places to live in the US prepared by CNN Money:

1. Sharon, MA - is a town in New England that has plentyful good jobs in Boston, Providence, and the Route 128 tech corridor. It's a half-hour train ride from Boston or Providence, this one-time summer resort has the natural beauty of a more remote place. 40% remains open space, and the town jewel, Lake Massapoag, offers a place for residents to swim, picnic, and enjoy concerts on Memorial Beach.

2. Louisville, CO - it has bagged no.1 twice but dropped to 2nd this year. It's a great place to raise a family, with well-regarded schools and a safe community.

Louisville's housing market has been on the rise since 2008, and its place in the technology-rich Denver-Boulder corridor has kept the job outlook solid, despite recent setbacks like Phillips 66 pulling the plug on a much-anticipated renewable-energy campus. Work-life balance in Louisville is hard to beat.

3. Vienna, VA - the suburbs in Northern Virginia, Vienna is very walkable with a historic center, and unique businesses that give Vienna an identity all its own.